At SMT we understand the reactiveness of the vessel market and how important lost time is:

This is why we have aimed to make sure our Taut Wires are

*easily transported, installed and commissioned.

As we supply our DP Reference Sensor Systems with all the necessary items required for fitting and using the system (straight out of the box)

this means there are no hidden charges or additional parts required to get the system operational.

*Only three very small cables need to be run to bridge (reducing cost and speeding up installation).

*Very low power consumption (under 1kW continuous) and no air supply required.

Our Taut Wires are light and compact, they fit inside a standard ISO shipping container which lowers the costs of transport.

A Taut Wire System is used to provide positional data to the Dynamic Positioning system onboard a vessel.

This data, along with data provided by other reference sensors, is used to help maintain the vessel's position,

or allow the vessel to be moved a certain amount in a certain direction, as required.

Taut Wire Systems provide very reliable positional data in very shallow water and in wind farm locations (are not troubled by fog or bad weather).